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European Union

1 290 €excluding VAT

including the administrative fees 850 €

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Czech republic

460 €excluding VAT

including the administrative fees 5000 Kč

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Slovak Republic

395 €excluding VAT

including the administrative fees 96 €

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How it works

Our customers' experience

Trademarking is a breeze with us! We provide trademark registration services for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the European Union.

Stanley D. (February 2021)

5 / 5

Thanks to Patentoid, we have had our software protected from the very beginning. Fast and simple. Highly recommended.

Ralph C. (February 2021)

5 / 5

I wanted to have my brand protected because I have been building it for several years, so I used patentoid. Highly recommended.

Laurence B. (April 2021)

5 / 5

I wanted to register a trademark for my company, but I was horrified by all the paperwork I would have to do. I placed an order on Patentoid and they took care of everything. I admire people who can handle bureaucratic mud on a professional level.

Daniel S. (April 2021)

5 / 5

Fast, simple, clear.

Daniel D. (April 2021)

5 / 5

Working with Patentoid was great. It all went smoothly, and the communication was great. Thanks

Martin C. (April 2021)

5 / 5

What I appreciate most about Patentoid is their communication and genuine interest in the customer. I was also pleased by how fast they processed my order and by the regular updates on my order status.

Edward O. (May 2021)

5 / 5

Friendly and open communication

Thomas B. (May 2021)

5 / 5

The trademark registration was fast and smooth. I can honestly recommend Patentoid to other customers.

Martin S. (September 2020)

5 / 5

We were worried someone would take our slogan. With Patentoid, we were able to register it quickly and easily..

Evelyn B. (April 2021)

5 / 5

I am really glad there is a company that can make the registration process easier! I think it's a great investment. It will save you a lot of time and running around.

Alfie C. (June 2021)

5 / 5

Perfect service. Even laymen will be able to understand everything.

James P. (April 2021)

5 / 5

All I had to do was fill out the order form and they took care of the rest - it was simple, online, and worry-free. All of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.

Peter S. (April 2021)

5 / 5

Awesome user interface. Fast response. Great communication.

Startupjobs (August 2021)

Joshua C. (April 2021)

5 / 5

They took care of everything perfectly.

Peter G. (April 2021)

5 / 5

Absolutely amazing cooperation, recommended to everyone.

Philip M. (December 2020)

5 / 5

I like services that can make relatively complicated things as easy as filling out a simple form. Patentoid is one of them. You can spend hours studying up on trademarks and trying to apply for one yourself or debate them with attorneys.

Why register with Patentoid

Registering a trademark with us is easy. We are well experienced and have thousands of satisfied clients to show for it.

  • We are the 1st specialized trademark project
  • We cooperate with leaders in the field
  • All fees
    are included
  • We provide guidance and consultations
  • Simple 
    online guide
  • You can monitor the trademark order online

How does the whole registration process work?

The entire process is handled by our verified specialists.
You can lay back and follow the process online.


You will fill out
an online form

Submit a power of attorney and pay for the order


We will take care of the research

We will verify the provided information
We will prepare the registration application
We will submit your application to the Industrial Property Office once you have approved it


After approval by the IPO, you will receive the trademark certificate

(Approval takes about 6 months, but a successful trademark is valid from the date of submission)

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Frequently asked questions

Do you want to quickly find out the most important information about trademarks?
You can find all the answers in our help section.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Where will my trademark be valid?

For how long will my trademark be valid?


E-book. Everything You Need to Know About Trademarks

Want to know more about trademarks as a whole? We have prepared a FREE downloadable e-book that will tell you what a trademark is, what types of trademarks there are, what purpose they serve and how to use them.

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