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What is Patentoid – trademark registration service?

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Patentoid is here to make trademark registration easy, simple and fast. You no longer have to spend days studying the relevant legislation. Just open the trademark registration form and follow our semi-automated trademark registration process step by step.

We will collect the necessary information from you and secure your trademark registration with the help of certified attorneys and patent agents who specialize in trademarks.

What is a trademark?

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A trademark is a graphic representation primarily made up of words, letters, numbers, colors, drawings, product shapes or packaging. It serves to differentiate products and services from other products and services.

How long does trademark registration take?

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The trademark registration process has several successive stages, each with a statutory duration. There is no way of telling exactly how long the process will take altogether. With a standard registration process, one can expect the process to finish between five to eight months from the filing of the application, with the trademark being valid from the date of the submission of the application.

The application will be submitted within 14 days of receiving all the necessary documents. If you order express processing, we will submit it the next working day.

How much does a trademark cost?

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Trademarks are processed by attorneys or patent agents who specialize in trademarks. Because we get volume discounts and have a strong bargaining position, registration will only cost you 1 290 € excl. VAT. This price includes the 850 € administrative fee charged by the Industrial Property Office. The only case in which this price won’t be final is if the trademark is to be registered in more than three classes, or if the trademark has multiple owners (making it a collective trademark). You can find out more information in our pricing section.

When does a trademark become valid?

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If a trademark is approved by the Industrial Property Office, the trademark becomes valid on the day of the submission of the application.

How do I begin the trademark registering process correctly?

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If you don’t want to have to take care of anything, there’s nothing simpler than filling out our order form – we’ll take you through the whole process.

What do I have to do to get a registered trademark and be able to use the Ⓡ symbol?

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The simplest thing you can do is fill out our trademark registration order form. Please follow the predefined steps and send us the completed form. If we are unclear on anything, we will get in touch with you. Before submitting your application at the Industrial Propery Office, we will send you the application to approve.

What if the trademark can’t be registered? What if the application isn’t successful?

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We will first verify that the basic requirements for trademark registration are met. If, despite this, the Industrial Property Office rejects your application, we will make sure a certified attorney or patent agent will represent you in a potential proceeding and do everything in his/her power to allow you to complete the registration of your trademark (this is a paid service).

Where is my trademark valid? Can I sell my product abroad (Poland, Slovakia…)?

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These are essentially two completely different things. As part of our trademark registration package, we will apply for the registration of your trademark into the European Union trademark register (EUIPO) on your behalf. That means that when the registration is successfully completed, your brand is protected in the EU. Nobody in the EU will be able to copy your registered trademark.

You can export your products to other countries as long as you abide by the local legislation. Not having a trademark doesn’t prevent you from doing that. However, you should consider registering your trademark in the country to which you export your products. EU trademarks are currently valid in 27 countries. You can find a list of the member states here: 

Can I use the Ⓡ symbol before the registration is complete?

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The symbol along with the trademark can be used after the trademark is successfully entered into the Industrial Property Office’s register.

Could there be any other charges? How much will trademark registration cost me?

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Our registration package is a comprehensive service that will secure you a registered trademark at the end of the process. That is, unless the trademark is objected to by a third party or rejected by the IPO. However, objections are rarely made to trademark applications.

What can potentially happen? Another company can see your trademark as too similar to theirs and can object to your mark being registered. If that happens, you need to defend your mark. That is best done through an attorney or a patent agent. We can help you with that, but it is a separate paid service.


Who can own a trademark? We’re an association, movement…

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A trademark is essentially (intangible) property. If your company can own a car or a house, then it can own a trademark.

How long is a trademark valid?

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Trademarks are valid for 10 years from the date of the submission of the application. The validity can be renewed for 10 years at a time. Can we help you with the renewal of your trademark? You can find the product here.

Do you want us to watch out for when your trademark needs to be renewed? Please register your trademark here.

I need more information than is available in the “Need help?” section. Where can I find out more?

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If you have a specific question, let us know through our contact form. We’ll get back to you the following working day at the latest.

Can I use my trademark before it is registered?

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Your mark will not become a registered trademark until the whole registration process is complete, and you can’t use what you don’t have.

As far as your mark is concerned (company name, logo, picture) – you can use it before filing an application and throughout the whole registration process. A large number of companies don’t decide to protect their brand until later on.


The trademark in question used to be registered but is no longer valid. Can I register it?

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Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no answer to this question. Please send us information about the specific mark at and we’ll get back to you with the details.

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