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Registration of a slogan as a trademark

Protect your slogan before taking it to the market.

Just imagine it: your copywriter had an extraordinarily creative moment and created an amazing slogan that was to become the embellishment of your new advertising campaign. But the unexpected happened. That catchy sentence appeared in your competitor’s campaign. Do you want to prevent a similar situation from happening? Our service offering slogan registration as a trademark is just the right thing for you. And because we know that arranging registration can be challenging, our team of top experts will take care of everything for you.

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Why register a trademark with us?

  • From the comfort of the office 
    Running from one office to another and living in horror, wondering whether you happened to forget something, These worries magically disappear. Our experts will take care of everything you need. Just fill in the necessary data and you can watch the whole process from home or office.
  • For a fixed price 
    No unexpected fees and price increase. We act fairly and you know the total price of the registration in advance. If you are interested in how much the complete registration will cost, take a look at our price list.
  • Experienced experts 
    If you don't understand something, you don't have to worry at all. The entire process of trademark registration is taken care of by verified experts and lawyers who have years of experience and will discuss everything with you should you have any questions.

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