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Avoid running from authority to authority and dealing with the complex process of everything related to trademark registration.

No stressing and desperate glances at a pile of papers you can't handle. Complete trademark registration has never been easier. All you have to do is fill in the necessary information and an experienced team of lawyers will take care of everything else.

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“Thanks to Patentoid, we have had our software protected from the very beginning. Fast and simple. Highly recommended. ”

Stanley D., říjen 2015

“The trademark registration was fast and smooth. I can honestly recommend Patentoid to other customers. ”

Thomas B., duben 2020
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“I like services that can make relatively complicated things as easy as filling out a simple form. Patentoid is one of them. You can spend hours studying up on trademarks and trying to apply for one yourself or debate them with attorneys. ”

Philip M., únor 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Perfect service. Even laymen will be able to understand everything. ”

Alfie C., duben 2020
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“I wanted to have my brand protected because I have been building it for several years, so I used patentoid. Highly recommended. ”

Ralph C., říjen 2015

“All I had to do was fill out the order form and they took care of the rest - it was simple, online, and worry-free. All of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. ”

James P., únor 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Working with Patentoid was great. It all went smoothly, and the communication was great. Thanks ”

Daniel D., září 2019
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Friendly and open communication ”

Edward O., únor 2020
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Awesome user interface. Fast response. Great communication. ”

Peter S., leden 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Fast, simple, clear. ”

Daniel S., listopad 2019
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“We were worried someone would take our slogan. With Patentoid, we were able to register it quickly and easily..”

Martin S., říjen 2015

“I wanted to register a trademark for my company, but I was horrified by all the paperwork I would have to do. I placed an order on Patentoid and they took care of everything. I admire people who can handle bureaucratic mud on a professional level. ”

Laurence B., únor 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“I am really glad there is a company that can make the registration process easier! I think it's a great investment. It will save you a lot of time and running around. ”

Evelyn B., leden 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“Absolutely amazing cooperation, recommended to everyone. ”

Peter G., listopad 2019
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“What I appreciate most about Patentoid is their communication and genuine interest in the customer. I was also pleased by how fast they processed my order and by the regular updates on my order status. ”

Martin C., únor 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

“They took care of everything perfectly. ”

Joshua C., únor 2018
(Registrace OZ, Česká republika)

What do you frequently ask us?

How long does trademark registration take?

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The trademark registration process has several successive stages, each with a statutory duration. There is no way of telling exactly how long the process will take altogether. With a standard registration process, one can expect the process to finish between five to eight months from the filing of the application, with the trademark being valid from the date of the submission of the application.

The application will be submitted within 14 days of receiving all the necessary documents. If you order express processing, we will submit it the next working day.

When does a trademark become valid?

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If a trademark is approved by the Industrial Property Office, the trademark becomes valid on the day of the submission of the application.

Can I use the Ⓡ symbol before the registration is complete?

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The symbol along with the trademark can be used after the trademark is successfully entered into the Industrial Property Office’s register.

How long is a trademark valid?

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Trademarks are valid for 10 years from the date of the submission of the application. The validity can be renewed for 10 years at a time. Can we help you with the renewal of your trademark? You can find the product here.

Do you want us to watch out for when your trademark needs to be renewed? Please register your trademark here.

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